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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  March 7, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. now her suicide could changw sexual assault cases are handled. a bay area teen victimized once and then again through cyber bullying. how her suicide could change hour sexual assault cases are handled. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. kpix 5's anne makovec is live
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in saratoga where lawmakers are hoping audrie pott's death wasn't in vain. anne. >> reporter: this law does have a long way to go in the state legislature. but the push was kicked off here today in the small city of saratoga where a teenaged tragedy took place. at a press conference this morning, the santa clara county d.a. laid out the scenario. >> the young woman a group of young men, alcohol, sexual assault, social media, and then sometimes suicide. >> reporter: 15-year-old audrie pott hanged herself in 2012 after pictures of her naked body were dissemnated to fellow superintendents at saratoga high. she had been -- to -- disseminated to fellow students at saratoga high. she was drunk and was sexually
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assaulted and pictures were then disseminated online. audrey's law would criminalize this activity. if it involves a minor it would be a felony. the boys in her case were charged with sexual battery but the proceedings are secret in juvenile court. two of the boys got 30-day sentences, the third 45 days. had audrie been awake at the time of the assault, the case could have been brought to adult court. >> we feel that unconscious or incapacitated sexual assault victims are not provided with the appropriate protections under the current law. >> reporter: this law would allow for stiffer penalties in hopes of bringing justice to future cases of what backers called a 21st century tragedy. >> we're here today to city if we can make some sense out of her senseless death. >> reporter: this bill would need two-thirds approval in the state legislature. if it is passed, it could take effect as soon as january 1 of
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next year. live in saratoga. anne makovec, kpix 5. a dramatic escape from an apartment fire in the east bay. a 3-year-old boy tossed from a second-story window as the flames closed in. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran on the life or death decision and the toddler who came through grinning. >> reporter: it was about a 20- foot-long drop between this window and the ground. a risk one family took when they decided to jump in order to save their lives. >> crazy. >> reporter: investigators say a fire broke out in this apartment around 11:00 thursday night trapped inside a couple and their 3-year-old grandson. facing flames and no way to get out, they jumped. the grandmother jumped first, then her grandson 3-year-old maurice was tossed out of the window where her sister caught him. fitzpatrick was in richmond of the time of the fire. it was her son who was thrown to safety. >> i was hysterical. my baby, my baby, that's all i was thinking about was my baby. >> reporter: 3-year-old maurice shy at first told us he was a
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big boy thursday night. >> are you okay? >> yeah. >> reporter: what happened? >> just jumped out the window. >> reporter: oh, wow. so you're a brave boy, huh. >> mm-hm. >> reporter: fitzpatrick says her mother and stepfather are okay but suffered a few injuries. >> my mom, she had to get stitches right here, her eye is black, it's big. this side of her face is swollen. her pelvic bone is fractured and she is going into surgery for that but other than that she is fine. my stepdad's ankle is broken and they had to break it back in place. >> reporter: it took 15 minutes for fire crews to knock out the flames, but the apartment was a complete loss. firefighters say the fire damaged three other nearby units. investigators say the fire started in the kitchen of the upstairs unit. right now the cause is under investigation. but firefighters say it appears to be accidental. in hayward, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> and just a few blocks away and hours later nine cars were destroyed in a separate fire.
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huge flames shot into the sky shortly before 5:00 this morning. it happened in the carport near 7th and key streets in hayward. kpix 5 spoke to two women who live there. >> i was shaken. i don't know what to do. and it was like leave before everything blows up. it was so scary. >> no one was hurt in the fire. arson investigators are still trying to figure out the cause. in the south bay, two people trapped inside a burning home on aetna, that's because security bars on windows and doors did not have safety latches. the man and woman inside had to get out through the back of the house where the fire was raging. they were rushed to the hospital with critical burns. their condition is unknown. and firefighters are considering this a crime scene. no word as to why. eastbound drivers had a tough time on the bay bridge early this morning. chopper 5 caught views of this accident which blocked three lanes near treasure island. injuries were minor. the accident was cleared just before 8:30 an hour after it happened but one lane remained
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closed for maintenance work. a bay area man is suing skydive monterey bay claiming the company provided him with a defective parachute. >> call 911! >> kpix 5 obtained this video of the ill-fated jump in 2012. gerardo flores of san francisco claims the chute opened early causing him to pass out in midair. they then crashed to the ground near marina municipal airport. flores was rushed to a san jose hospital where he remained unconscious for two weeks. he suffered serious head trauma and numerous broken bones. live pictures from justin herman plaza in san francisco's financial district. thousands are expected for a big concert going on. if you want to see the show, bring a canned food item to get in. volunteers hope to package 15,000 meals for stop hunger now and hope it collect 15,000 pounds of canned food for the san francisco food bank. as for the show itself, it
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starts in 20 minutes. and that's when grammy nominated singer genelle monet will take the stage. just yesterday she performed at the white house with legends like aretha franklin in the women of soul concert for the president. thieves trying to steal a part of california history. their target, the golden spike at california's railroad museum. the attempt failed. nothing is missing after the wednesday break-in. part of the museum is closed because display cases were damaged in the area where the spike is on display. >> this is the only area that currently is cordoned off until we can get everything in the shape that it's viewable to the public. >> this section will stay closed until the investigation is done. the golden spike is a twin to the spike used by leeland stanford to join the first continental railroad in 1869. seaworld's biggest star could be taken out of the spotlight. new legislation now aimed at banning shamu shows. richard bloom is expected to propose a bill today that would
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make it illegal to use orca whales for entertainment. legislation would ban captive breeding programs. the bill would still allow the killer whales to be on display, just not performing. amazing video of a waterfall in the middle of downtown san francisco. what happened to cause the downpour. >> one of the most successful identity theft rings in the bay area shut down. how they got way with it for so long and what you can do to protect yourself from similar schemes. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. well, it is a gorgeous day now. but this weekend could be 50/50. we'll explain next. ,,
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crossed in front of them. t dash cam caugh a man and his wife are driving in ontario canada when they hit a truck that crossed right in front of them.
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their dashcam caught everything. and later they took a closer look at the video. it showed the truck driver you can see right there talking on a cell phone. he has been charged with failing to yield to traffic. well, a story you'll only see right here on kpix 5. bay area investigators bust a sophisticated id theft ring that targeted gas station customers. kiet do with how the suspects stole tens of thousands of credit card numbers from people like you. >> reporter: michael wong is a member of what investigators say is one of the largest band of identity thieves in the bay area who stole tens of thousands of credit card numbers from gas stations for years. >> these individuals are responsible for a great deal of loss in the bay area and throughout california in general and that will come to an end. >> this would be what will plug into the socket on the gas pump. >> reporter: lieutenant michael sterner showed us evidence seized in a recent raid a dozen custom built gas pump skimmers made with off the shelf parts. >> on the back side at the top of the blue is a socket that
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the cable they unplugged from the gas pump would plug into. >> the big break in the case came when an employee from a gas station thought there was a skimmer on one of his pumps. >> reporter: that's when agents from a task force set up surveillance. when those alleged crooks came back for the skimmer device the agents moved in and arrested them. >> they didn't put up a fight. >> reporter: in all, five people were arrested. they found stacks of counterfeit credit cards that even had the secret hologram visible only with a uv light. the cards had matching high quality fake driver's licenses complete with all the new security features. they also found a kilo of cocaine and assault weapons that included a grenade launcher. the skimmers are everywhere. inside these envelopes are dozens of the guys found across the bay area that have not yet been tied to any suspects. as customers here's what you can do. pressure gas station owners to change locks. and get back in the habit of using security stickers.
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here's something else investigators have learned. the safest pump to use is the one closest to the attendant. it is the least likely to have a skimmer installed inside. >> they're not going to win. we're persistent and we know how to find them and we will find them. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. a live look at the big board on this friday afternoon. the dow has been heading up after a downward trend much of the day. investors starting to brush off worries about higher oil prices and the ukraine crisis. the nasdaq, s&p continue to head down though. major bank is offering a new checking account to prevent customers from overdrawing their funds. the bank of america account will prevent customers from taking out too much money from their atms. it will also stop them from spending more than their balance while paying bills online or making other purchases. the banks don't do this kind of thing out of the kindness. their hearts. customers will have to play a flat rate fee about $5 a month. feds want an explanation
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for child car seat maker graco. the company recalled millions of child seats because a buckle can get stuck that risks and emergency. the government wants to know why infant seats with similar buckles were not included in the recall. graco will send free replacements to the owners of the recalled seats but owners of the infant seats must make the request. "newsweek" says a 64-year- old japanese-american man out of los angeles county is the creator of bitcoin. the mysterious virtual currency. that man says "newsweek" got it wrong. >> have nothing to do with bitcoin. i never worked for the company. i don't know any people there. i never had a contract there or anything like that. and i don't even -- i wasn't even aware of the product. >> satoshi nakamoto of temple city told reporters if he admits to being bit coin's creator, he would be in trouble. he did say he was an engineer many years ago and is capable of designing the currency. reporters had a hard time
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getting a hold of nakamoto. he led a large group of journalists on a low-speed chase through l.a. before speaking to them. "newsweek" stands by its story. check out this waterfall. it spewed from a downtown san francisco high-rise this morning. officials say a sprinkler line ruptured around the tenth floor of the building at market and kearney around 9:30 this morning causing a downpour and soaking the streets below. the leak is secure. i'm sure insurance companies have been called. >> oh, yeah. >> what a messes. by the way, i'm the creator of bitcoin. [ laughter ] >> just so you know. >> i knew it. i had my suspicions. [ laughter ] >> can you tell us what it is? >> i'm not quite sure! [ laughter ] >> but i made it. it's worth millions. > around the bay area today we are seeing a lot of sunshine outside now. just a few high clouds drifting overhead as high pressure builds in very nicely and setting the stage for at least a good start to the weekend. things going to change a bit as we head in toward sunday. overlooking san jose, we have some sunshine, temperatures
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starting to warm up nicely. 65 in concord. 65 in livermore. 61 in san francisco. and 64 in san jose. throughout the afternoon, we'll see plenty of sunshine and just a couple of high clouds. mostly clear tonight with just a few patches of fog. and then rain possible i think north of the golden gate bridge sunday. the rest of the bay area just passing clouds. nice ridge though building in outside. that will bring with it some mild temperatures for today. and maybe even a little bit warmer on saturday. good day to travel if you are doing that today, temperatures in the 60s and 70s in the central valley, 50 in lake tahoe, 61 in monterey bay. passing clouds otherwise looking good today. late tomorrow afternoon we'll begin to see a few more clouds. and by sunday, there's a chance we could see a few of those showers up in parts of the north bay. but that's about it. i think sunday night into monday, a better chance of rain for the rest of the bay area. temperatures for today plan on some 60s even low 70s in the south bay. low 60s toward the coastline. 60s and 70s into the east bay.
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even the north bay checking in about 68 degrees in santa rosa and 64 in san francisco. the next couple of days we'll see plenty of sunshine coming our way. some clouds going to roll in towards sunday and chance of showers into early monday. and by the way, don't forget, guys. spring ahead. that's right, roll those clocks forward. we lose an hour saturday night into sunday. >> that's hard for us to get up so early. >> the days will seem longer for everybody else except for us. it's once again time. >> that's right. week talking about this all week. it's a time for to test our spelling skills with our word of the day. frank tested me twice this morning. >> you're eight for eight. so we're stepping it up. we're trying to balance it out a little bit. so we took the winning word from the 2010 spelling bee. >> oh, okay. >> from the cleveland plains dealer. >> okay.
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>> the word is stromer. ♪[ music ] >> thank you. >> very dramatic. it's designed to measure the amount and speed of blood through an artery. it's of german descent. >> okay. >> s-t- rp- >> stromhar. >> so then i am still okay because it was wrong on here. [ laughter ] >> so i think we do a do-over. >> we are going to have to ask because i have stromuha. >> we'll do that. >> i guess we will. >> you can see the oral bee streamed live on our website 10 a.m. on saturday march 15 and test
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your word skills by search kpix 5 cbs on facebook and "like" our page. we'll try to figure it out. >> is that a fail? >> on this week's edition of "where's roberta?," we take you to a place that everybody can see it. but very few can visit it. that's coming up. as the news continues right here on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[uncle]this is hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? bay area landmark...
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roberta is live in san frano this mor only on kpix 5, roberta gonzales can go places that most people cannot. this time she managed to climb a bay area landmark. >> reporter: roberta is live in san francisco. hi, roberta. >> reporter: good afternoon. we thought we would join forces today with "where's roberta?" and the return of daylight saving time. so today, we introduce you to a clock from 1898. >> reporter: the san francisco ferry building is a terminal for ferries that travel across the san francisco bay. a marketplace. also has offices located on the embarcadero. on top of the building, is a 245-foot-tall clock tower. rarely is anybody allowed inside the tower but we entered and met dorian the clockmaster.
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>> this one was installed in 1898. it cost 5: $043. >> reporter: how many dials? >> 4 dials each it 3 feet. made of a very fancies grade of plywood. originally they were sugar pine so i changed the hands for plywood because the hands that had been up were dry rotted. >> reporter: how did it operate in the olden days? >> wind it up every saturday morning. takes between 5 and 10 minutes of diligent cranking. >> reporter: and now? >> this is a windup that's now electrically driven. >> reporter: tell me something very few people know. >> the north facing dial has been one minute fast for approximately 60 years. and i guess the public is accustomed to it. so i have left it that way. >> reporter: what happens when we return to daylight saving time? >> if you like, you can be here at 1:58 and you will see the
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hands advance and at 2:00 it should say 2:00. >> reporter: the clock survived the 1906 quake. >> but not being very well mounted, the tower, and that could be improved and they could wind it up today and run it but nobody wants to wind it -- well, maybe somebody would. it's fun. >> reporter: it was so much fun learning about the history of that big beautiful clock! you know what? i want to hear your ideas for "where's roberta?" so visit us on our kpix 5 facebook page. i want to hear from you. but now, it's time to say good- bye. but we'll be right back. right after this brief time- out. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,b r e a k
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============== it troubles to me to say this but on a technicality, she is still perfect. we had it incorrect. stromuhr is the correct spelling! you're still perfect! >> break out a dictionary this weekend. >> good luck. see you monday.
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